Cristiano Ronaldo is the first top goalscorer of Champions League!

The Portuguese has scored a lot of goals in the Champions League, and the level of his performance is increasing.
The level of the Portuguese’s game has increased significantly, which is reflected in the results of the matches he has played.
However, there are still some problems that the team needs to solve, because the level is still not high enough.
This is why the team’ performance in the domestic arena is not the best.

The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The team is very busy in the Europa League, where the team has already played only once.
In the Champions Cup, the team was defeated by Liverpool, which was the main favorite of the tournament.
At the moment, the main problem is the fact that the Portuguese is not able to show his best game.
It is worth noting that the level has increased in the last season, which allowed the team to achieve a positive result.
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Who will win the title of the best team in the EPL?
The Manchester United is the best in the English Premier League. This is not surprising, because it has the best lineup in the world.
Manchester United is a team that is constantly developing, which allows it to become the best at the same time.
Moreover, the club is able to achieve this thanks to the following factors:
1. Excellent teamwork.
2. Good individual skills of the players.
3. Good coach.
4. Good motivation of the leaders.
5. Good financial situation of the squad.
All these factors allow the team not to be easily distracted by the results in the league table.
Now, the Manchester United has a good chance of winning the title.
They have the following advantages:
* Excellent lineup.
* Good individual skill of the performers.
Also, the coach of the Red Devils is a good one, which helps him to achieve the desired results.
If the team wins the title, it will be the third time in the past five years.
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What will the Champions league mean for the Red devils?
In general, the Champions is a tournament of the leading European football.
Many top European football clubs have already won it.
Among them, the most famous are:
• Barcelona;
• Madrid;
· Juventus;
and, of course, Liverpool.
These clubs have won it for the second time. In the previous tournament, the Reds won it with a score of 5:0.
Despite the fact, that the previous champion of the Champions was Barcelona, the Catalans have a good lineup, as they have the best players in the club, which allow them to win the tournament in their own right.
Of course, it is the Red Devil’ squad that will be able to repeat the victory.
Liverpool is one of the main favorites of the competition, but the team of Jurgen Klopp has the right to win.
Due to the fact the team plays in the Premier League, it has a chance to win, but it is not a guarantee.
For this reason, the fans of the Reds should be very careful.
Do not forget that the club has already won the Champions’ League twice.
That is why, the Red’ have a chance of repeating the victory in the future.
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Which team will be in the final of the Europa league?
This season, the Europa tournament will be held, and many teams have already qualified for it. The main favorites are: ​​Bayern, Real, Atalanta, and Juventus.
There are also some other teams that are trying to get into the top 4.
One of them is the Paris Saint-Germain.
PSG has a lot to do, because this season it will play in the top-4.
But the team can still improve its position in the standings, because there are several teams that can challenge it. Among them are: Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool. The last one has a better chance of getting into the final, because of the following reasons:
· The level of its lineup. The Red Devils have the strongest lineup in Europe.
· Good individual game of the stars.
As for the team, it can become the champion of Europe. It has already managed to achieve that several times.
Besides, the Parisians have a lot in reserve, which can be used to improve the position in it. You can always find out the results at the website. Here you will always find the latest information.
Will the team win the Europa?
It’ll be very difficult for the Paris team to get to the final stage, because many teams are stronger than it. Also, the level in the European arena is increasing, which will make it even more difficult for it to win it.