Manchester United will need to add Matic to have a real alternative for Paul Pogba

Manchester United will need to add Matic to have a real alternative for Paul Pogba in the attack. The Frenchman is the main player of the team, but the Frenchman is not the only one who can help the team.
The club has a number of players who can become an alternative for Pogba.
1. Ashley Young
Young is a player who can be considered as a backup option for the Frenchman. The young player is a good midfielder who can also become a good defender. Young has a good understanding with Pogba, and he can become a substitute for the French player. Young is a young player who is able to become a leader in the team and become a main player.
2. James McClean
The young player has a lot of experience in the English Premier League. He has already managed to score a few goals for the club. McClean is able not only to become an effective substitute for Pogga, but he can also be a good backup for the main striker.
3. Anthony Martial
The Frenchman is able score a lot for the team when he plays as a striker. He is able, for example, to score three goals in a row. The club is very confident in the transfer market, and the club is ready to pay a lot to get a player of Martial’s level.
These three players can become the main alternative for the player of Pogba’s level, but they are not the most important ones. The main player for the United is Pogba himself.
What to Expect from the New Manchester United Team
The new Manchester United team is very different from the team that won the Champions League. The team is now able to compete against the best teams in the world.
However, the team has a few problems that can affect the results of the club in the future. The first problem is the lack of motivation of the players. The players are not motivated enough to play for the Champions league, and they want to win the English championship.
Another problem is that the club has not been able to show the best results for a long time. The previous season, the club was able to win a lot, but in the current season, it is not able to do the same.
If the club does not want to lose points in the domestic championship, then it is necessary to improve the team’s motivation. The new team is able now to compete with the top clubs, and it is very important for the players to be able to perform well in the matches against the top teams.
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Football Results at 777score
The football season is in full swing, and this means that it is time to start analyzing the results. The results of matches are not always the best, but it is possible to find out the information about them on the football results website.
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Main Favorites of the New Season
The season of the English Championship is in progress, and many teams are trying to become the champion. Now it is much easier for fans to follow all the results thanks to modern technologies.
In the current campaign, Manchester United is one of the main favorites of the championship. The Red Devils have a good lineup, and their main players are:
* Anthony Martial;
* Rashford;
β€’ Pogba;
Β· Pogba’.
It is important for Manchester United to win all the matches that it takes part in. The Manchester United players have a great understanding with each other, and if they win all their matches, then they will be able not to lose.

The team has already won the English Cup, and now it is also very important to win other tournaments in order to be considered the champion of the country.
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Live Results of Football Matches
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Manchester United is a team that is very interested in winning the English title. The current season is very successful for the Red Devils, and in the last match, they managed to win 5:1.
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