Real Madrid, Zidane and the art of attack

The summer transfer campaign has come to an end, and the football world is already buzzing with the latest news. The main talking point is the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player left Real Madrid for Juventus, and it is obvious that the Portuguese will be the main star of the new team.

The transfer of Ronaldo was a real surprise, because the player was considered one of the main stars of the Old Signora. The transfer of the Portuguese player was not a simple transfer, because it involved a number of players from the Old Firm.
The first thing that attracted the attention of the fans was the fact that the player will join the team of Zinedine Zidani, who is considered one the best coaches in the world. The coach of the team has a long experience in the Italian Serie A, and he managed to get a number 1 star in the team. The player of Ronaldo is the third star of Zidano’s team, and this is another proof that the coach is a real specialist in the transfer market.
As for the transfer itself, it is clear that the club did not make a mistake, because in the summer the player joined the team with the following advantages:
1. Excellent medical facilities. The club has a team doctor who works with the player, and can help him to get the necessary medical help.
2. Good financial resources. The cost of the player’ transfer is around 3 million euros, which is about 1/3 of the cost of a new player.
3. Good coaching experience of the coach. He managed to make the transfer successful, and managed to bring the player to the team that is considered to be one of its main stars.
This is another evidence that the transfer is a good decision, because this summer the club has managed to strengthen the team and to get closer to the top.
However, the main thing that the fans of the club have to take into account is that the team is not as strong as it was in the previous season. The team is still not in the best condition, and there are still some problems with the results of the players.
Real Madrid is not the only team that has problems in the current season. In addition to the club of Zizou, Barcelona also has problems. The Catalans are in the middle of the standings, and they are not in a very good shape.
In the current campaign, the team does not have the desired results, and many experts believe that the players of the Blau Granas will not be able to get out of the middle class.
Of course, the fans are expecting the best from the team, because they are very confident in the fight for the champion title. The players of Zidine have been in the club for a long time, and now they are ready to fight for everything.
They are in a great shape, and have everything necessary for the fight. The fans can expect the following results from the club:
* good results in the domestic arena;
* a good performance in the Champions League;
* a good result in the Spanish Cup.
It is important to note that the Catalans have a good squad, and if the team can get out from the middle, then they will be able not only to get into the Champions’ League, but also to get to the next stage of the tournament.
So far, the Catalons have not been in a good shape, but they are still a very strong team. They have the following players:
· Zidanes’ players;
· Zidanos’ team;
and the best of all, Cristiano.
Together with the team’, the Portuguese has the following characteristics:
• Great technique;
• Good speed;
And the best thing is that he has all the necessary skills to score a goal.
Zidano’s team has the potential to become one of Spain’ main contenders for the title. They are in good shape now, and are ready for the next season.
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The season has already ended, and we have already seen a lot of interesting football matches. The most important thing is to watch the results, because there are a lot to choose from.
At the end of the season, Real Madrid won the Spanish championship for the first time in a long period. The Meringues won the title for the third time in the last four years, and their success is not going to end there.
Now, the club is in a really good shape and is ready to do their best in the new season. Now, the Meringue team is the main contender for the victory in the tournament, and all the fans can look forward to is a really exciting and tense struggle for the championship.
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